Real Clear Privacy

The personal privacy of the individual is something that we take seriously. In order to be perfectly clear and transparent about our privacy policy and how the UDX-Leads platform addresses and complies with industry privacy guidelines, goals, and objectives, we have outlined those policies in the context of the service that UDX-Leads performs.

The Basics

UDX-Leads is designed to identify qualified leads for use in CRM platforms, Account-Based Marketing programs, and Direct Mail marketing campaigns.

UDX-Leads is providing you a Direct Mail List.

The direct mail lists that UDX-Leads provides is the result of a matching process to the Semcasting compiled database of postal addresses for U.S. and Canadian residents and businesses. This compiled database was created from publicly available sources and complies with all terms and conditions for proper marketing usage detailed by the Direct Marketing Association. Our direct mail lists are updated regularly through CASS Certification and the National Change of Address database.

Direct Mail lists are commonly enhanced with emails (for consumers with user permission), phone numbers (for businesses), household demographics, business size and industry classifications. UDX-Leads provides these enhancements as an option to the site owner.

The Process

UDX-Leads executes a patented matching process that starts with a user's visit to a website. The tagging you put in place is a "pixel tag" which simply collects the IP Address, Time of Day, and URL of the page visited. A pixel tag is similar to an ad tag or a Google Analytic tag that simply collects anonymous data about an anonymous user's interaction with the site.

We are not setting any cookies or collecting personal information from site visitors.

The pixel information only exists within the secure environment of the UDX-Leads system. UDX-Leads is in a cloud environment that is certified for data handling compliance for rigorous standards, including HIPAA compliant, PCI compliant, ISO 27000 and SSAE 16 SOC II certified.

In online advertising campaigns it is common to place a pixel tag for purposes of retargeting based on viewing or clicking an advertisement. Site Analytics and Search Engine Optimization programs from Google, any number of Ad Servers, and Demand Side Platforms also place tags.

In addition, it is common for a marketer or agency (on behalf of their client) to use a CRM file, product owners' licensed or rented postal lists and emails as a starting point for building an audience. These lists go through a process of onboarding that includes turning an address or email into a digital ID.

Facebook, Google and Third Party providers support address and email matching to Digital IDs through Onboarding services. Consistent with these services, UDX-Leads complies with the terms and conditions of the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) Code of Conduct.

Opting Out of UDX-Leads

Guidelines from the FTC and the IAB recommend that site visitors to your site have the ability to Opt-Out of any data collection that might be taking place on your site. This could include Google Analytics, Ad Server tagging, or UDX-Leads. A mechanism for Opt-Out is recommended.

If one is not available, and for the avoidance of doubt, you may place a link in your privacy policy or your site for opting out of UDX-Leads that will notify Semcasting that the user information should be excluded from the UDX process. We will exclude the IP Address of that household from the UDX-Leads processing going forward.

We encourage you to read the Privacy Policy on the UDX-Leads site carefully. Any questions about the process or policies of the UDX-Leads platform can be referred to